NOTOXICOM® Flame Retardant Plastic

Notoxicom® is our registered tradename for specialist halogen and aryl ester free flame retardant polymers. What makes these materials so special is that they retain industry-leading performance whilst being much less toxic products. Within this range, we have polymers to suit many applications, from battery casings to state-of-the-art medical devices. In addition, these materials are V0 self-extinguishing polymers and don’t contain any additional additives.

Over time it is expected that the Notoxicom® family of products will grow further to support the innovation of our customers. Currently, we have four main grades within the range to choose from; they are Notoxicom® B6000 (FR PC/ABS), Notoxicom® S6000 (FR PC/ASA), Notoxicom® B6303 (FR PC/ABS – Flame Retardant Extrusion Grade) and Notoxicom® A6000 (FR Polycarbonate).

Notoxicom® – V0 Self-Extinguishing Polymers.

  • >Superior halogen-free flame retardancy.
  • >ECHA-compliant, environmentally friendly materials.
  • >Non-migratory chemicals that do not bioaccumulate.
  • >More favourable toxicity profile.
  • >An outstanding balance of thermal & mechanical properties with lightweighting gains.



This material is a UL94 Halogen, and aryl phosphate ester free 0.80 mm V0 Flame Retardant rated PC/ABS with superior heat, impact and density performance.


This material is an enhanced heat deformation, 0.8mm V0 rated flame retardant ASA blend. *All tests except GWF and UL 94V0 are internal PCL tests. Further external testing is ongoing.


This material is an enhanced heat deformation, 1.5 mm V0 rated flame retardant ABS blend. Can be used in both extrusion and injection moulding applications. Notoxicom® B6303 has been formulated to be tailored more around extrusion applications; however, it can also be able to be used in most injection moulding applications.

NOTOXICOM® A6000 (FR Polycarbonate)

This material is an Injection moulding grade of a non-halogenated PC blend with exceptionally low smoke toxicity and flame retardancy, suitable for transport applications.  Notoxicom® A6000 has been formulated to be tailored more around transport applications with its exceptionally low smoke toxicity.

**Please note that both Notoxicom® B6303 and Notoxicom® A6000 are still developing; however, if you are interested in ordering either variation, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We will be more than happy to discuss your requirements. **


Here are our main grades. Clicking on a specific grade name will give you access to a summary of the datasheet. If you require a full datasheet, with more test results and details on the processing recommendations, please go here. If the datasheets for the polymer compounds you’re looking for are not on there, please contact us directly at Polymer Compounders and one of the team will be more than happy to assist you. Each datasheet has been composed by a company working to an ISO9001:2015 standard and should not be taken to be approved or sanctioned by the auditor to this standard.

NOTOXICOM® (FR PC/ABS) Flame Retardant Injection Moulding Grade


NOTOXICOM® (FR PC/ABS) Flame Retardant Extrusion Grade


NOTOXICOM® (FR PC/ASA) Flame Retardant Injection Moulding Grade


NOTOXICOM® (FR Polycarbonate) Flame Retardant Injection Moulding Grade