Product Spotlight: PC-ASACOM™ S9470



Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate/Polycarbonate

“A superior high heat modified PC/ASA blend, for exterior applications”.


PC-ASACOM™ S9470 is an evolutionary PC/ASA material that expands upon the technical aspects of its predecessors, such as our well-established PC/ABS alloys PC-ABSCOM™ B300 and PC-ABSCOM™ B200. PC-ASACOM™ S9470 is a modified high heat PC/ASA blend, best suited to exterior applications, it also has a particularly good balance of weatherable properties including gloss and colour retention.

PC-ASACOM™ S9470 sits in the same product family as Notoxicom® (FR PC ASA) S6000 and Notoxicom® (FR PC ABS) B6000, along with its family members you can also expect the same level of performance. PC-ASACOM™ S9470 has a great deal to offer in terms of being a material that is incredibly strong and UV stable.

PC-ASACOM™ S9470 is a great choice for use on external components in outdoor garden equipment or automotive applications that do not require flame retardancy. PC-ASACOM™ S9470 bears all the characteristics that make ASA feedstock great but improves upon them by adding additional strength and heat resistance.

What were the key objectives of the technology development programme?

The objective from the start was to develop a super tough, highly aesthetic ASA material capable of handling rugged outdoor environments with great UV stability.

How were these objectives achieved and what are the key innovations?

PCL combined all their knowledge and years of development project experience into PC-ASACOM™ S9470 to ensure that it fits the objective of a super tough ASA material capable of handling the most demanding applications.

PC-ASACOM™ S9470’s key innovations are that it is weatherable, has high heat resistance and has an exceptionally high impact. Combined with great aesthetics straight from the mould means that PC-ASACOM™ S9470 is an excellent choice for exterior parts, eliminating the need for painting. These innovations set aside PC-ASACOM™ S9470 as a class leading PC/ASA product.

PC-ASACOM™ S9470 Technical Data:

-Density: 1150 Kg/m3 ISO 1183

-Water absorption: (23°C, sat) 0.60 % ISO 62

-Moisture absorption: (23°C, 50% RH) 0.20% ISO 62

-Mould shrinkage: 0.4-0.7% ISO 294

-Melt Flow: (260°C / 5kg) 15 g/10 min ISO 1133

-Izod Notched Impact 50 Kjm2 ISO 180 1A

-VST 130°C ISO306B/120

-Flammability: (1.5mm) HB UL94

-Flammability: (0.8mm) HB UL94