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Plastics Industry Awards 2019 - PCASACOM™ S9420 compound

Polymer Compounders Limited (PCL) are proud to announce that once again they are finalists for the fourth consecutive year in the  Plastics Industry Awards. This year Polymer Compounders Limited are finalists in the Materials Innovation Award category

“This award recognises innovation and forward-looking vision in the company’s delivery of (new) services, processes or products to the market. The judges will be looking at the company’s ability to leverage innovative thinking into successful new products, processes or services able to meet (unmet) needs in the market, while engaging constructively with its customers and/or the community.” – Plastics Industry Awards.

PCL’s submission into the material innovation category is: PCASACOM™ S9420  (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate/Polycarbonate).

PCASACOM™ S9420 was created to aid an OEM in the development of a material that was highly cosmetic whilst simultaneously eliminating the need for painting, which some years ago led to the development of ASACOM™ S9500-10 and significant volume sales. For more information on S9500-10 click here. PCASACOM™ S9420 also needed to meet other critical specifications for heat, impact, gloss and weathering performance.

Detailed below are the specifications that PCL’s PCASACOM™ S9420 was required to meet:

  • Deepest black possible: L* of < 2.0
  • Notched Izod Impact > 200 J/m
  • Heat performance > 98°C
  • Gloss level at 60° of > 70
  • Automotive weathering after 2000hrs Delta E ≤ 3.0  

PCL wishes the best of luck to the rest of the companies within our category and may the best material win! Some of our team will be present at the awards, say hello!