PCL joins the North-East Chamber of Commerce

This August, Polymer Compounders Limited (PCL) joined the North East Chamber of Commerce (NECC).

The NECC is the North East’s most prominent business membership organisation, representing 4,000 businesses and a third of the region’s workforce. It is celebrating its 200 years of existence this year, supporting both the titans of the North East industry and the small game-changing innovators as regional business champions.

“At PCL, we’ve always been very connected to our community, for example by sponsoring the local kids’ football team. This move to join the NECC, on their bicentenary year, will see us increase our business connections and get the support we need to develop according to our plans”, said Grahame Houlder, PCL Managing Director.

“We’re very much looking to meeting other businesses in the region and collaborating with them to help them succeed”, he added.

NECC logo
North East Chamber of Commerce 

“For over 200 years, we have supported businesses grow their knowledge, influence and connectivity regionally, nationally and internationally. We want to create a world where companies in the North East of England thrive as a collective force. We are an independent body owned by our members and work with businesses of all sizes and sectors.

We equip you with access to specialist support and services and access to the most extensive B2B events programme in the region with opportunities to grow your profile. We ensure you access the best possible support while saving you time and money. Do you want to become part of the region’s largest and most influential multi-sector business network?”

– North East Chamber of Commerce Team, 2015